Thriver. Intuitive. Cancer survivor. Expressive Artist. Nature lover.

Erin Marie Rose

That’s me! A bit (okay, a lot) quirky, playing in the ocean in San Diego back in 2015.
Fast forward to now, I reside in the ozarks in Springfield, Missouri.
I continue to create a playful, inspired life, thriving as an empath, and adapting to life back in my hometown.

I am Reiki Certified by Reiki Missouri by Dave and Brenda Lappin.
I am trained in Expressive Art of the Swiss origin from 1 yr at the European Graduate School in Saas Fe and at the Expressive Arts Institute in San Diego, California.
I have a Masters degree in Communication from the University of Hawai`i with 8+ years of teaching in higher education and training in international organizations.