Original post August 2015, from the archives

Once up a time there was a little girl named Erin. Her father liked to tell her the story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears at bedtime. She loved this story so much, he told it over and over again. So often she’d lay there in anticipation and joy with the wonderment and ah. One night she became the storyteller. And so she would tell the story of Goldilocks looking for the one that was just right. Papa’s was too hot, mama’s was too hot, and baby bear’s was just right.

That rightness, that feeling of right fit, knowing it doesn’t just happen in our head, it happens in our whole being. Have you ever felt like Goldilocks? Looking for just the right fit?

Maybe you weren’t looking too hard but you knew that something didn’t fit quite right anymore.

We can all be Goldilocks and find the right fit, again, and again, and again.

The beautiful thing about Goldilocks is she doesn’t stay a child, she continues to grow. We got introduced to her as a child, but we know that she doesn’t stay that size for ever. And so what if, our growth was like that of Goldilock’s? Maybe Goldilocks was growing in height and so it makes sense to us that she’d need a new chair when her legs got longer or her arms had a different reach. We do not have a physical way to measure most of our growth in adulthood. because when we become adults we stop growing in height. Our waste may grow or shrink. Our stretch may elongate when we are more active than sedentary. And so we could give it a metaphor. I want you to choose an area of your life that you are growing in right now or desire to grow in. What metaphor could you try out to measure your growth? Would it a tomato plant or a weed? A caterpillar building a cocoon to become a butterfly?

The story Goldilocks is known as a children’s story. And as adults we can still experience that wander and ah, that magical mysticism of curiosity and looking, of trying out. It’s not just our thoughts, but through our experiences, through our senses, our physical touch, our taste, and we can reconnect with our own knowing. We connect with our own knowing and believe our intuition. You’ll know when you hear your inner wisdom speaking up. And with this voice, see if you can acknowledge the voice of your inner wisdom and say, “I hear you. I hear you.”

“You are my own, my own inner knowing.”

We are not always tapped in to hear the voice of our inner wisdom. It is not an ah hah moment that happens once in a great moon. Rather a practice to cultivate a relationship with our inner guidance system. Some people do this through art, or quiet walks in nature. Expressive arts can be a wonderful way to do this, to follow the impulse whether it’s the stroke of a paint brush or the movement of our feet to dance. Often it is when we disconnect from our thinking, out of our head, and into our being that we create space for our wisdom to be heard.

So I pray you, I pray you beautiful ones to witness in your life wander and ah. To allow your inner Goldilocks to keep growing, to keep finding the right fit, and to honor the voice of your wisdom because you are the expert of your life. You are wise. You are enough. You are beautiful. You are love.