Original post September 2015, from the archives. Note The Desire Map event referred to is from 2015.

For the past two mornings I was a guest at Jewish Temple for the high holy days. I am not Jewish though I wholeheartedly loved the joy and the resonance created.The two services were both intergenerational family services so we sang songs with hand movements and light dancing. It felt so good to sing with them, to be in the energy of connection in community, in spirit, in embodiment.

What I learned is that arriving into a place of worship, participating in the singing and blessings is what I want more of in my life. I crave, I desire a space to show up a few days week in community with like minded spirits to sing, to move, to boldly (with conviction) praise the beauty of life.

And I am curious, do other people crave this sort of stuff, too?

What are you longing for more of in your life?

And let’s be honest, many of us were taught that having desires is “bad.” That we “should” be okay with what we already have and the truth, in my opinion, is that we can both appreciate what we have, what’s working, and it’s okay, it’s human really, to desire a bit more.

What I hear is that when we stop striving, trying, wanting to “get” by letting go, by surrendering, our energy actually shifts. We stop pushing up against it and relax. Our body actually relaxes.

What does surrender feel like for you? How does it feel in your body?

For me, surrender feels soft, malleable, and light, like I could easily move in a pool of water from standing to floating.

Now that we’ve identified and explored how it feels to surrender, I am curious if you know of a time when you felt this surrender when you were spending time with other people.

What if you could feel more relaxed, more surrender, and be present with people like colleagues or friends or family? Do you believe it could be possible?

What if you came together with a group of women who also want to feel surrender?

This month I am facilitating two workshops to help women connect with their bodies, their hearts, their desires, and get practical about how we want to feel in our everyday life. Not in San Diego, you’ll still benefit from hearing this message!

We all need to to be reminded that we are enough, we are wise, and we are love.

If you’re like me, you grew up not knowing that you were enough, that your desires matter, that actually feeling your feelings in your body and in your heart can and IS a strength, a divine feminine power. And the more we connect how we want to feel, connect our head and heart, the more fully we can live.

Speaking of living more fully, are you done with flying solo in your desires?

Me, too. Every morning I do my spiritual practices and they make me feel so good. My yoga, my affirmation, the gratitude practice. And, I desire more of what I felt the past two days at the Jewish Temple, more connection with other people to share spiritual practice with.

My desire is to show up for you, to show up for me, to nurture women to be present for each other and our desires, co-creating lives that feel the way we want them to feel.

So I am doing this. I am showing up on Sept 25-26 to facilitate a 1.5 day retreat, even if we are a small, heartfelt group of women. We will practice yoga with our guest Instructor Lauren Walsh, and she is amazing at modifying for our needs. We will dig into what is working in our lives and praise the good stuff, ditch the shit that isn’t working and move our bodies so that all of that we don’t want to keep can get released. By the end of the workshop each woman should have 3-5 core desired feelings to go home with.

I am showing up on Monday September 21 for the two hour Taste of Desire class, even if it is 4 of us because each one of us counts. Each one of us needs to hear the message that we matter, that our desires matter. In this two hour class, I will facilitate a few different exercises for us to connect with the infinite source of love and abundance that is available to us all. I will walk us through an art activity to explore the power of language and meaning because when we understand how words actually feel and not just how we think about them, we are more free to choose.

So part of my bolder vision is to create a community of women who come together 1-2 x a month to share what is working in our practice, to refresh on how we can connect with desired feelings. You can support the growth of this community by sharing this post, leaving a comment, attending a live event or a call, or popping me an email.

Feedback, interaction, connection with You really helps me so much!

Imagine this, one woman is on a solo mission to feel good. She walks the city singing good vibrations. A stranger on the sidewalk witness her smile, hears the soft tune of her melody, and says to herself, “hey that, that smile is what I want to feel, too.” And she begins humming her own melody, walking beside her, each singing their own song. The resonance is starting to build, an energy is ignited, and others join them, humming their tunes.

Are you done with flying solo? Are you ready to create resonance with the sound of your desires?