Creating a life that you love, one day at a time

Helping women and men embrace Divine Feminine energy through embodied experiences with Reiki, Creative Arts, and Nature. Connecting with the world through our senses. Tapping in to our true nature, our inner world to shift our every day experiences. Supporting you to create a life that feels the way you want to feel.

Healing Arts

Feeling funky or a bit off, like something got you down? Or maybe you're going through some real challenges or transitions and need support. I can work with you to shift energy with Reiki.

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Communication Coaching

Are you feeling nervous to speak in front of people and lead? You're a new yoga teacher or a professional who needs to do public speaking. I can coach you to align with your confident self.

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Expressive Arts

Feeling called to express more of your self in the world or in your every day life? Expressive art is a unique way to find our voice, our untold stories, and express who we are. I can guide you!

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Original post August 2015, from the archives Once up a time there was a little girl named Erin. Her father liked to tell her the story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears at bedtime. She loved this story so much, he told it over and over again. So often she’d lay there in anticipation and joy with

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